Kenotaphion, Golden Spires, the Wildlands and the Burning Hills – Ancient, decadant lands, all war raddled with Darkness and evil to the point where those who serve the Light are hard pressed to be told from their counterparts in  methodology from sheer self defense and exhaustion of other options…

The Lost Souls Tavern stands outside the City in the Ruins, once a lavish suburb and now just starting to rebuild from a terrible tragic mistake that lead to the razing and contamination of what was formerly a place for gentry and nobles to raise families away from the politics and evil contaminating the city.

Locals swear that the Tavern never actually was built – but some time after the razing and murder, it simply appeared – always with handouts for the poor and work for those who were willing or able.  Even so, many of the newly homeless locals avoided it and still do to this day.

The Tavern welcomes almost all who keep the peace within its territory.