the year was 2025.

Something went horribly wrong within  a DNA testing center’s prize research – a bioweaponry oriented espionage group broke in and attempted to make off with a wealth of information.

What they were working on were cures for several diseases and a particularly nasty retrovirus that was starting to pop up in a remote part of africa.

It made a great bioweapon if you didn’t mind the fact that the infected, themselves, became bioweapons in turn.

Your various characters will have been tagged and bagged for one reason or another.  Infected or not, your choice.  the Mutations can be horrible.  you may *ask* for certain mutations, but their real natures will always be up to me.

There is a vaccine and you may stay human if you’ve had it.

Please note in your character write up if that is so or not.  And …

it isn’t 100% effective.

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